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Riding Skirt by Iberico



To keep you warm, but still smart looking! Our skirts are made with 3 meters of fabric, the hem reaching 5 meters; it will allow you to move freely on horseback, at the stables, even skiing... and looking nice outside of the barn too! Perfect also for people living in old chilly houses, handy when you need to go outside with our dog just pyjamas under... And of course it looks so much better than average skiing pants.


We use mostly wool mix fabrics; wool % being around 70-80.
(Full wool is not so durable in the hard use of equesterian life.)

Our linen comes from our neighbour country Estonia.
Softshell fabric that we use, is really high quality, made in Europe.


How to take care of your new garment?
Wool is anti-dirt material and doesn't like to washed too often. Usually just a gentle shaking and hanging it outside for half an hour does the trick.

All the skirts by Iberico are anyhow completely machine washable: use gentle cold water (max 30 celcius) program and let dry naturally, preferably flat.


Usually we make each dress by measure. Sometimes we have unique ready made pieces; ask more!


Since we make each dress to fit our customers wishes and measures, we don't usually have a big stock of fabrics, but we look for the suitable fabrics when the order is placed. Usually, however, we have some grey and dark blue wool in stock since they are the most popular options.


Basic skirt is made from one piece, and has an incredible 5 meter long hem. It's big enough to cover your horses bottom when you ride, so it can be also used as a riding blanket. Basic skirt is 100 €. If you would like to have it made with double layers of wool, the price is 200 €, and with polyester lining 175 €.

Premium skirt is made from two pieces, but you can close the back part with buttons (included) to be used as a riding blanket. 140 €. Double wool option is 260 €, and with polyester lining 240 €.

Softshell skirt is made from one piece, similar to the woollen version. Super option for all year round use to keep you and your mount warm and cosy even in bad weather. Available in dark grey, dark brown, darl lilac. 150 €.

Linen skirt looks super on horseback and even on a garden party! Similar model to woollen and softshell basic skirt. Available in natural linen colour and black. 100 €.

You can add to your skirt:
* Pocket 25 €
* Decoration ribbon to the hem 30 € ->

All prices include VAT 24 %


World wide delivery by express post, 25-44 €.


Contacts , we recommend to contact via email kataiberico@gmail.com
We have some information and pictures of new products also in our FB page

When you order a skirt, tell us:
*what colour, type and material you would like to have your skirt.
*your measures: waist, your total length in centimeters, and your average clothing size.
*other wishes: shall we make a pocket, decoration on the hem, buttons...?
*your shipping address (we use post) and your phonenumber.

You can pay via PayPal or to our bank account.

Some pictures of the skirts made for customers. (© Eve Roine, Johanna Mäkynen, Henna Halonen, Anni Jauhiainen, Iberico)

Softshell skirt

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